Thursday, March 3, 2011

iPad 2 is Due March 11 2011

Well, many of you resisted the urge to splurge on the original iPad.

Here are the specs on iPad 2:

Dual core A5 chip:improved multi-tasking, app loading
Graphics 9x faster than the original iPad
Front and rear facing cameras
LED backlit display
33% percent thinner
15% lighter
10 hours of battery life
RAM: currently not public knowledge, though I'm sure after the dissection we'll find out
Same price points
Available on both ATT and Verizon networks or just plain WiFi

Let us know what you think of it


FQ said...

I think now is the best time for a medical practice or clinic/hospital to pick up the original iPad at $345 USD from Apple. iPad2 offers no real added value in healthcare. In other words, what will you do differently with patients that you couldn't already do with the original iPad. Engage with them faster?


Salvatore Volpe MD FAAP FACP CHCQM said...

$345 is a also a great price for medical assistant data entry devices. Please let us know if your EHR runs on the iPad or if you use remote access software.