Saturday, July 19, 2008

iPhone sales headlines

Apple sells one million iPhone 3Gs in first weekend

More than 10 million downloads from iPhone App Store in first weekend

It took 74 days to sell more than one million original iPhones, this time it took only three days! This is definitely a platform that has attracted many software developers as well as customers. The repercussions are sure to continue effect the entire industry. SV

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

iPhone productivity suggestions

Here is a great article that lists 100 ways to make the iPhone more useful. SV

100 productivity suggestions

Sunday, July 13, 2008

iPhone Medical Survey # 3

Let us know how important the following would be towards the purchase of the new iPhone or iPod Touch.

Access to:

ePocrates Essentials
ePocrates Essentials Deluxe
Skyscape Titles
Unbound Medicine Titles

EHR compatibility
PHR compatiblity
Keyboard (actual not virtual)
Blood pressure machine interface
Glucometer interface
Portable Medical record (consumer version)

iPhone Medical Survey # 2 results

Will the SDK release make an iPhone purchase more likely?

By a ratio of 4 to 2 to 1: our respondents said that they were waiting for ePocrates compared to Skyscape and Unbound Medicine. The addition of 3G speeds was as important as access to Skyscape to titles.

EHR compatibility and e-Prescribing were surprising not very important. SV

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Financial applications for the iPhone

Here is a list of 25 iPhone applications. As a bonus, for those of you who also use the Blackberry, there is a list of 25 applications for you too! SV

Monday, July 7, 2008

iPhone 3G ADAM Symptom Navigator

This software has a friendly interface targeted at consumers.
While the content is consumer grade, I have seen IBM experimenting with an EHR that uses an image of the human body to organize information.

Here is some information from ADAM as well as a screen shot. SV

The free Symptom Navigator for the iPhone 3G helps consumers match medical symptoms with relevant assessments and appropriate treatments. Symptom Navigator empowers consumers to make the best use of the healthcare system and understand when self-care or a doctor visit is appropriate. To access the Symptom Navigator on the iPhone 3G, visit The tool offers possible causes of the symptom and medical condition, how to self treat, when it is an emergency, when you should call a doctor, and how to prevent it in the future.

Using the Symptom Navigator, consumers are presented with an image of the human body and they click on the affected area of the body to receive a menu of related symptoms. After selecting a symptom, the user is walked through the possible causes, home care, when to consult your doctor, and what to expect from your doctor. This data is provided by A.D.A.M. from their medically reviewed, evidence-based and URAC accredited Health Encyclopedia. A.D.A.M. owns one of the largest consumer health libraries in the world.