Tuesday, July 7, 2009

iphone video accessory: Owle

Imagine a bracket into which you could snap your iphone.
The bracket would help you hold the camera steady, add accessory lenses, a boom microphone, video light and possibly a camera facing you.

The iphone could then be used to video presentations, procedures and even video conference!

Check out the videos.
How would this help you in your practice and family life? SV


Monday, July 6, 2009

ePocrates OTC drug module available

This should help address the issue of OTC medications and their potential interactions with prescription medications.

Here's the low down: SV

What is the new OTC drug module
The new Epocrates OTC drug module - available with all our premium subscription products - provides the latest information on hundreds of brand name over-the-counter drugs. Our product-specific monographs answer questions such as:

What are the active ingredients and their uses?
What's the dose for my patient's age?
What flavors are available?
Does the product contain alcohol, sugar, or dyes?
Will it interact with prescription and herbal medications?
Is there another product with the same active ingredients, but in a chewable or liquid form?
My patient needs an analgesic, an antihistamine, and an antitussive; is there one product with all of these?
Is this product covered by my patient's health insurance?