Tuesday, December 14, 2010

UpToDate iPhone UpDate

Here's a recent email from UpToDate.
The iPhone app is coming soon! SV

With a new year about to start, it's natural to think about the goals you'd like to achieve in the months ahead. As a physician, those goals most likely include doing everything you can to provide the best possible care for your patients.

At UpToDate®, we're committed to providing dedicated doctors like you with current and concise evidence-based clinical information you can trust. Therefore, we are working on product enhancements to make it easier for you to get answers to clinical questions in the year ahead. These include:

  • Introduction of a mobile application for the iPhone - coming soon!
  • Ongoing development of content in new specialties
  • Customized subscriber communication based on clinical search history and user preferences

With over 8,300 topics in 17 specialties, and point-of-care access via computer or mobile device, UpToDate will help you find the clinical answers you need when and where you need them. So you'll have more time for the things you enjoy - in 2011 and beyond!

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