Wednesday, September 2, 2009

iPhone Consumer Health Apps: Good Morning America

My goal was to assemble 5 affordable apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch
Total purchase price was under $10.

Here they are in alphabetical order:

ePocrates (free)
Health Cloud (free)
iFitness ($1.99)
Pocket First Aid and CPR ($3.99)
Restaurant Nutrition (free)

This is the link to the Good Morning America interview showing them in operation.


Medication descriptions, side effects, drug-drug interactions, pill identifier

Health Cloud

Native iPhone client for Google Health PHR
Creates a Continuity of Care Record that follows the guidelines of the
American Academy of Family Physicians
Retrieve medical history, surgical history, medication lists, allergies,
lab results


Over 230 exercises illustrated and described
Stretches for individual body parts
12 exercise routines
Ability to track progress

Pocket First Aid and CPR

Topics include CPR, choking, bites, bruises, burns, seizures
Includes instructional videos

Restaurant Nutrition
Nutritional information from Restaurant Chains
Ability to track what is eaten per individual profile
Ability to locate restaurants via Google Maps
Ability to locate restaurants by calorie, fat, carbohydrates

iTunes Store

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david said...

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