Saturday, April 11, 2009

Allscripts Remote iPhone application

As an EHR based physician of several years, I must recommend this to current Allscripts users.

I usually carry my 1 kilogram Fujitsu laptop with a Verizon 3G modem. This give me direct access to the office EHR.
The iPhone has made this unnecessary for the procedures listed below!

Give it a spin and let us know what you think. SV


Apple iTunes Applications Store

Features of Allscripts Remote include:

Patient Summary

> Improved medical decision making with real-time access to the latest patient information.
> Ability to call the patient's home phone with a single tap (available on iPhone only)
> Ability to review patient summary while speaking with patient on the iPhone (available on iPhone only)

with Formulary and Drug Interaction Checking

> Quickly access to full ePrescribing including favorites and full medication search and custom signatures.
> Drug interaction checking
> Access patient-specific formulary status
> Actions are fully documented in Allscripts EHR

Fax to Emergency Room

> Improved continuity of care with up-to-date patient summary information sent directly to emergency rooms.
> Ability to choose from a list of area Emergency Rooms
> Actions are fully documented in Allscripts EHR

Document Call

Reduced medical liability through better documentation of out-of-office actions.

Find Patient

> Intuitive searching allows providers to quickly find the patient based on the information they know.
> Ability to quickly find a patient by searching for last 4 digits of their phone number


> Ability to access to the latest schedule which is very helpful planning tool for providers
> View of schedule provides an easy way to find a recent patient seen in the office (or a patient who is coming in soon).

Manage Task List

> Ability to maximize efficiency with remote access to task list
> Ability to monitor task list for new and urgent tasks
> Ability to improve resolution time for Medication refill requests
> Ability to review and take action on Lab Results


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