Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Epocrates iPhone option

Well we are one step closer to having Epocrates on the beloved iPhone.

This iPhone Epocrates website link is Safari friendly and will at least let you look up the medications monographs and pill photos.

Its a good start. SV

iPhone Epocrates link


Jspider said...

Was just checking the Skyscape products for the iPhone, found that they have not just drug databases but most of the clinical references too. They seem to have done special development for a great experience on the Safari browser.

b2doc said...

My problem is that I work in a shielded environment--a hospital-based urgent care center--and so need a downloadable database for my epocrates and pepid ER (oh, free me from my treo!). Any chance of that coming soon? Or is the internet/cell-deprived sector of the medical marketplace too small to develop for?

Salvatore Volpe MD FAAP FACP CHCQM said...

Hi b2doc,

Apple will be releasing the SDK in a few months which will make it possible for approved 3rd party software to be loaded on the iPhone.


Anonymous said...

Epocrates for the iPhone is out! It has all the usual features plus an integrated database of pill photos (you can also search the formulary by pill appearance). I've posted some screenshots and a review of Epocrates on the iPhone.