Saturday, October 20, 2007

iPhone epocrates, iPhone skyscape survey results

Well avid readers here are the final results:

151 votes total

4 votes supporting browser based applications
63 votes supporting applications running on directly on the iPhone
36 votes for iPhone supporting epocrates
88 votes for iPhone supporting skyscape

As previously noted, Apple has been feeling the "pulse" of the consumers and will be releasing the SDK kit in 2008. This should permit epocrates, skyscape, unbound medicine and others to write applications to run directly on the phone, turning it into a traditional PDA. Even without 3G, it will become even more desirable for the medical and non-medical communittes.


Unknown said...

i'm using the drug database from epocrates on my iphone and get my news with chondriac (sp?) which comes from webmd, i think. you can find the links at iPhone tools for doctors

Epocrates said...

Check it out - Epocrates on the iPhone

We noticed that you (and your readers) have expressed interest in medical technology for the new iPhone or iPod touch devices. We recently announce that the free Epocrates Online web-based drug reference is now available in a format that's optimized for the Apple devices.

Simply point your Safari browser to:

and access continually updated monographs for more than 3,300 drugs.

While it’s not currently possible to download Epocrates software to an iPhone device, Apple recently announced that in early 2008 software developers will be able to begin to create applications for iPhone devices. We are excited to explore the opportunity to offer our mobile products on this new platform as well.

- The Epocrates Team

Unknown said...

If you haven't heard, Epocrates is soon to be on the iPhone. At today's iPhone SDK event Apple hosted Epocrates, along with 4 other companies, to showcase products they are developing for the iPhone! Here's the official Epocrates press release: