Wednesday, July 18, 2007

BeeJive IM for iPhone

JiveTalk™ for iPhone (alpha) Features:
• Multiple IM networks, multiple accounts per network: AIM®/iChat, MSN®, Yahoo!®, GoogleTalk®, ICQ®, and Jabber
• Automatically reconnects in case of data service disruption, including phone calls, loss of cell coverage
• Real-time chats, quick switch between multiple simultaneous chats, intuitive chat interface:

- click to browse, call, or send an email directly from the chat screen
• SSL encryption of all over-the-air data transmission

Coming Soon to JiveTalk™ for iPhone:
• Manage your buddy-list, including add/remove, nicknames, groups, block, approve/deny requests
• Control your own availability, set custom status messages, be invisible, change privacy controls
• Email your current chats


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